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Friday, October 31, 2008


Hello everyone. HAPPY HALLOWEEN...!!! Juz wanna be part of the celebration - even though i'm not into it. Isn't it great to go for GHOSTHUNTING tonite? And isn't it a 'MESS EVENT' where u guys have to go out partying dressing up in spooky outfits and bloody make-up on your face?

Oh ya, b4 i forget - anybody wanna try my new outfit as in the pix? My mom is the culprit and i'm the stylist. Hahahhaa... Well, once a year to hangloose is quite fun. No matter what, whatever you do, please take care of yourself and have a great wkend. Those 'drinkers' who drive, please hand over your car to me. Let me have it. Don't destroy it. Hehehe... Btw, happy last day RAYA!
Ok Doki, that's for 2day.



DOOOWUUUU..... OK doki, first of all, it took me weeks to decide whether to show my freaking UGLY TOPLESS pix or not. I choose not to upload it during Fasting month though. For sure alot of you out there will vomit blood! Hahahhaa..

Well, i dun have anything to show off. Juz wanna let you know that i signed up 20
sessions (gym) and this is the result that i get. I have to work on it more in order to have a nice well toned body.

Btw, if all of u out there - be it a gurl or guy, who wanna lose or put up some muscles on your body, you can do so. I can recommend you my Personal Trainer. Btw, its damn freaking affordable compared to those commercial ones. I think i save damn lot. Hahahaha...

The package that u guys might interested in

10 SESSIONS X 1HR = $390 (2 - 3 times per week)***
- excluding gym entrance fee

20 SESSIONS X 1 HR = $750 (2 - 3 times per week)

- excluding gym entrance fee

You can choose your preferrable date & any place (gym) to train.

NOTE: You have to pay (any) gym entrance fees ($3.70 or more, etc, per usage) yourself + you have to pay for your Personal Trainer too.

If you think that's too much, well you still save alot. Some places wanna charge me more than $1.5K plus for 20 sessions. Damn!

If u are interested to hire a Personal Trainer, PM me ASAP and leave your name & contact number. I will ask him to call ya. Please enquire anything with the Personal Trainer b4 u sign the package ya. I only recommend what's best for WADAFARKIANZ.

Hope all of us will lead a happy lifestyle.


p/s: On the other note, i've never exercise once out from the army and i do have medical history - HEART. So far, it's so good training with the Personal Trainer. Please inform the Personal Trainer if u have any medical history, etc.