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Monday, February 14, 2011


Moslems celebrate the birth of the
prophet on the 12th day of Rabiul Awal
(the first of spring),
the third month in Islamic Calender.
As the Islamic Calender is a lunar calender,
the corresponding date in the
Gregorian Calender varies each year.

This year, it falls on February 15 2011.

The month of Rabiul Awal is significant to
Moslems for various historical reasons.
According to islamic history, Abrahah,
the governor of Yemen circa 571AD,
attempted to destroy the Kaabah in Mecca
with an army that included a large
number of elephants.

The raid was unsuccessful, but because
it was customary to name a year after a
major event, the year became known
as the 'Year of the Elephant'.
It was in this year that
Prophet Muhammad was born.

The most important part of Maulidur Rasul
is remembering the prophet's good deeds,
his teachings, his wisdom & how
he forgave his most bitter enemies.

Also known as Maulud Nabi in Arabic,
the day is observed with marhaban
(recitations of praises & blessings)
and salawat (salutations to the prophet).

Talks are held in mosques &
Moslem organisations take the time to
commemorate the prophet's life &
exemplary character.

For many, observing Maulidur rasul
is an expression of love they have for
the prophet. More than anything, such
gatherings reach & remind the Ummah of the
prophet's life & his call to virtue.

Mulad-an-Nabi Mubarak
to all....


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


chúc mừng năm mới

Wishing all my Vietnamese friends
a wonderful TET NEW YEAR &
Happy 1000th Anniversary, Hanoi..!

Happy Lunar New Year to my
Chinese friends where ever you are.

I'm back from my 5 weeks of filming
on Tues 1st Feb '11.

time to say goodbye - cried when the plane took off.

Wish i could stay to celebrate TET New Year.
But too bad. I have to go back for
some voice-over recording.


Going thru the 'post overseas trip' moment
right now. Hate it so much.
I miss all my new friends i've made
thru out my journey from
Cambodia to Vietnam.


Feel like packing up again and leave
Singapore for Vietnam soon.

can't believe it - i took a picture of Halong Bay

Miss the cold weather, the people,
the food, the 'noisy road' (24hrs honking)
and of course, my good friends there.

group photo infront of Ho Chi Minh Mausoluem, Hanoi

Kinda sad to learn that my
5 weeks' trip
end up on a bitter note - totally unexpected.


& those who have helped
us so much during our stay in cambodia,
AR KUN to all of you!

former war photo journalist - Mr Hoang Van Cuong

bought 3 '4.5L' Deuter rucksack from Giap's friend - Mrs Tam

owner of Nisa Restaurant, Hanoi - Mr Ben Taat

SAPA's 'Mama'

last photo b4 departure, with Giap - coordinator from
Ministry Of Foreign Affairs,
Foreign Press Center

MR BEN (nisa restaurant's),
MR ALAM (bombay restaurant's chef)
& everyone that i've met during my stay
in Vietnam, thankQ so much.

'Cám Ön'

I am gonna miss you people
super damn much! :(

Directors & Crews,
we shall meet up & engage in some
watersports activities.
Snorkeling? Gegegegegege...

leave behind my broken luggage in Melia Hanoi.
Gonna miss you dude.

'm planning for another trip to SAPA.
Don't know when but i will start saving up
and make it happen as soon as i can.
Hope i can go in September 2011.

I wish,
I hope,
I can.


# miss crossing the road flooded with moving motobikes.
# more pictures on my FACEBOOK