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Monday, August 24, 2009


Sorry for any late entry.
My facebook & blogspot went berserk.

Btw, Happy 'Fasting' to all moslem frens.

Lets back track...

Been busy with Princess & Jurukamera's filming.

Last Wed, had a great time doing MANJA mag
It's for Hari Raya edition. So do look out for it ya.

Check out the pix below.

Cool huh.
Btw, last Fri, i had SEWA (RENTAL) filming till 4am+.
Then went to Simpang Bedok for 'sahur'.

SEWA is a new episodic drama - 8 episodes
with 8 different kinda story line, casting, etc.
Will give you more info later.

Well people, do take care of your health
during Fasting month ya.
Watch what you eat, etc, etc.

For me, i have MANUKA HONEY, above, for sahur.
On top of that, i took AMWAY Soya Protein drink,
Bio-C & Red Sun's Spirulina. This will give
me extra energy during fasting month.
Insya Allah.

I strongly recommend everybody
to consume MANUKA HONEY
for total wellness.

Please Google it.

Ok doki. That's for now.
Need to sleep - gonna have SEWA
filming tomorrow again.

Happy Happy Mood Mood y'all.

be good,

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So sorry to everyone for not updating
my blog regularly. Been busy lately
and i have no choice but to 'rest' myself
from blogging -- Ya right!

OK, lets don't waste time.

Yesterday, i had another new playmate.

Check out the pix below, people.


Well, nothing special though.
It's not like the over-rated iFone where
everybody's having it.
Hehehehe.. Sorry to all iFonerians.

What i like about SAMSUNG JET is that, if i lost it,
touchwood, i can track it down the moment
that idiot place his/her SIM card in and use it.
SJet will immediately sms to my 2nd line.

Seriously. No kidding.
You can run but you CAN'T hide.

On Wednesday 19th Aug 2009,
a new info-ed prgm titled
will be telecast on SURIA channel @ 9pm
and repeat telecast will be on Thursday @ 730pm.

I am the cameraman in the show and
hopefully it's gonna be an interesting prgm
to watch with your family & friends.

Try to catch it k.


Puteri Mas Ayu (Sam), a London graduate returns home to take care of her ailing father only to find that he has bought into a small production house for her to manage in a bid to make her stay in Singapore. He already has a project for her to work on: Hikayat Melayu, an info-ed on Malay culture for TV. She reluctantly agrees, so long as she change the name to M-Zoom (for Melayu Zoom), and she calls the shots. She meets the cameraman Saleh, her opposite and soon to be nemesis/reluctant love interest - a traditionalist who ends up showing Sam what Malay culture is all about.

Happy watching P&J people.
Have a good day and
happy happy mood mood always.



Wednesday, August 5, 2009



(Rated: M16)

When is my last time watching movie
with friends/scandals?

Let me think...

Still thinking.... hard.

Hmm... well, i have not step into
any cinema for months and yesterday,
i went to watch THE HANGOVER - 0120am show!

I bet that i will fall asleep as i'm
quite tired from filming an info-ed prgm,
and have no idea about the movie at all.

But once its started,
i kept smiling and laughing till the end.
The casts are great.

So i highly recommend you guys
to watch THE HANGOVER.
It's hilarious.

Btw, i dun like comedy kinda movie
but HANGOVER makes me high.

Expect the unexpected, people!