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Tuesday, March 17, 2009



I'm having an awful life over the weekends.
My ATM card is not functionable. Nasty!

After watching some gigs, 3 of us went to
Peninsula Plaza to do some shopping.
I realised that my ATM is out when i can't
use it to pay up my parfume/colognes.
DAMN!! Embarrassed big time y'all!
Thanks to my friend for lending me some money.

Straight away i went to the nearest cyber cafe
and log on to internet banking and transfer
some money to my friend's account. PHEW!

Well, what's more important is -
dun place your ATM card
together with your handphone 'coz
the magnectic field thingy (hp)
will somehow destroy your ATM card, etc etc etc.

You can try using your hotel room key to experiment it.
Place the key (card) together with your hp
and surprise.... for sure u can't enter your room.
As for my case, i can't withdraw any $$$$.
Hehehehehe.... Well u can replace it anyway.

Had a new ATM card yesterday. Hate it!
And i dun feel unique anymore.
DAMN! Hahahaa...

Btw, on Sunday 5 of us agreed to watch COMING SOON.
Yup, that's the movie title - COMING SOON.
It's Thai horror movie. Hmmm....
Best part was, i managed to con my friends that
COMING SOON in Thai is called KOMORI KAP.

And i even taught a friend, who's working in SENTOSA,
that if he happens to deal with Thai tourists who wanna watch
any performances in SENTOSA, he shall say KOMORI KAP,
meaning next performance will be 'coming soon'.
KAKAKAKAKAKA.... Sorry y'all.

Enjoy COMING SOON trailer below.
Go and watch it now.

(B4 Playing the vidz, do click the PAUSE BUTTON on
GREEN NINJA'S mp3 player - right side bar, to stop the music.)

Whatever it is, all of us are having fun after
karaoke session on Sunday. I came 30mins b4 it ends. Hehe...
Supper was great and our next outing will be - a nite stay
at PULAU UBIN this coming Saturday.


komori kap,


miSs_DeERaz said...

UIK Mcm bencana tu... tetiba tak leh guna... nasib baik ada member... kalau sensorang shopping?! lebih malu dari biasa tu.. :D

Nurul Hidayah Anastasya said...

aww.... so sad... mesti that card banyak memori kan... lame tu... my card i think every year kene ganti... hehehehe.... asyik kene cuci dalam washing machine... hehe...

Anonymous said...

that ATM card was ages ago man! lol. but yahh.. not unique anymore. XD

and those scary scenes in COMING SOON, i wasnt expecting any of that.. i swear i peed in my pants! hahaa.. but damn good old skool scary shit ah.




Yup, lucky to have friends around.
If not, for sure embarrassed big time.


Hmm... tonnes of memories i'm sure.
SIGH. Well, life has to move on.
We can't be too comfortable with the past.
You take care and jaga yr card well.


WOW! U peed? Hahahaha....
Wonder how you react towards it
and how u cover the wet part of
your pants. Hmm... must be a memorable day!

Suzairhe Sumari

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