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Saturday, April 4, 2009

OH DAMN...!!!

Well, some of you might have
watched the clip but i think i shall
post it here on my blog for us to be extra
careful & aware of what's happening around us.

Take a look.

mp3 player - right side bar, to stop the music.)

So what do you think?
What cause the maid go haywire?
Too stressful cleaning up the chores?
Bad employer? Revenge of the maid?

To me, they are just like us - human being.

Are you happy if your boss yells at you?
As an employer, a good employer i mean,
you need to guide your maid.

I think you need to build that TRUST
between YOU & the MAID.
Understand them well if YOU want them to
understand & respect you.

Change maid if they're bad.
Best thing to do is, do not employ any maid.

It's your choice.



Summer said...

GOD i watch this clip like a few days ago too. seriously whatever happens between the maid and the employer i don't really want to know but seriously the small kid is so innocent. my heart just can't stop feeling sick at what the maid is doing.

Anonymous said...

hi...aida76 here...its so depressing to see the maid treat the child like that...its just a child...i cried when i saw d clip..cant imagine d same thing being done to my son or any other kids...so inhumane...

StimGam said...

alamak...! as a father myself, this vid make my blood go up... very up!

sirajuddyn said...

arghhh!! kurang ajar punye maid, kene rebus abe kasi makan anjing je bagus. or memang patut kene tembak je ngan senapang. gerammm! feel like doing the same thing to her. dah tendang, boleh pijak2 ni lagi.. die ingat ape? pillow eh? geram seh!!



Not a good sight huh.
But not all maids are like that.
As i've said, we need to understand them,
vice versa and treat them as YOUR FAMILY and
not like a 'BARUAH' to the house.

Pity those innocent child out there
who suffer alot under the care of

I believe that the maid is not being
treated nicely in the house. So that's why
she 'tripped' and bash her angers towards
the innocent child.


Whatever it is, those with maid at home,
just be extra careful and do communicate &
have more conversation with your maid.

Same like all of us.
Lack of communications, somehow rather will tarnish your relationship within your loved ones, etc.

Suzairhe Sumari

Pompuancantik said...

That is too painful to watch it especially the maid standing on top of the child. Whatever it is , its sure gonna affect the child's development.

Hehe! Sometimes the employer treat the maid so harsh and the maid feels so agitated that she vents the anger on the child.

But point is , if she got use her brain properly and think as a mature adult, punishing the kids is not a wise move.

If that happens to her own child back home , how would she feel ? Just for her stupid acts , it got shown in the net and her chances of getting employment in Spore is ZILCH!

Anyway i use to have a maid but it lasted 6months due to certain reasons. Due to those bad experiences , i will NEVER RECOMMEND people to get a maid no matter what.

Its better to send the kids to childcare centre. At least we know that place has quality and not quantity.

Anonymous said...

Give her many tight slaps on the face b4 reporting her. I do believe that employers with maids need to be protected too. What is the consequences for such maids? Do not allow them to bring home a single cent. Do not allow her to go back home.She shld be sent to jail for many yrs and be asked to wash all the toilets everyday.Swine!~

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