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Sunday, July 12, 2009

I AM BACK..!!!

Hello y'all.
Pardon me for having such a long break.
Well am quite tide-up lately.

Besides JUS, i have 2 others to
attend to - NDP 2009 + Info-Ed prgm.
The Info-Ed prgm gonna be on TV
soon next month and we're in
the midst of filming it.

Lets back track...

After NDP meeting on Wed, went back home.
Lost my white HTC Touch hp & my I.C.
I'm dumbstruck big time!

The next day after filming, went for
supper and guess what?
I had an attack ard midnite - after supper.
My hands are cold + pale and we rushed
to TanTockSeng Hospital - A&E.

Doc took my blood & went for chest Xray.
Have to wait for 2 hrs for the results.

Suhaila Salam & Hasnul Rahmat
for sending me to the hospital.

We had our moments there.
We wore the mask wrongly; i went giddy
when they push the 'bed' thingy to
certain location; stupid old APEK next to me
kept farting! CILAKA!! etc etc.

The RESULTS are in....
the senior doc wants me to stay over
to monitor my condition and i
strongly say NO NO NO.

Out from the hospital at 3am.

So am back to work the next day.
My filming schedule?
Well, it's from 0815-2115hrs.
Nothing much compared to the schedule
i had in KL - its 0800-0100 past midnite.

NDP NE show was fun.
Downpour at the end of full dress rehearsal.
Aaawww... poor them.

Btw, kudos to our
Deputy Prime minister
Minister For Defence
- Mr Teo Chee Hean.
He's all wet.

Once again,
sorry for my absence.

Have a great week ahead.


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