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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


09 09 09
Another date to remember.
Hope it'll be a great day for all of us.

Sorry for any late entries.
Been busy with 'SEWA' filming and had
a bad day lately + still mourning.

Lets back track.

On sunday, went to bed early as
i'm too tired with filming and searching

Woke up ard 1245am and my heart
gave me that 'moment' again.
Called up a fren and she sent me to
Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

I have to stay till 0645 for my 2nd
blood test and ard 9am - discharged!
Had a stupid time during my short stay.
My first time 'SAHUR' in the hospital
with kids meal - i called it.

Btw, i noticed that quite a number
of PINOY doctors n nurses working there.

A Pinoy doc asked me a Question with
their funny accent -
"Do you TROUBLE lately?"

And i replied,
"No.. no TROUBLE."

The doc asked me again,
"..no TROUBLE to U.S.A or any other countries?"

By then, i get what he meant.
He means TRAVEL and not TROUBLE!

I'm extremely embarrassed but act as if
there's nothing wrong with it. LOL.

While in the hospital, i managed to snap
some pix using my Samsung Jet.

Xray room

Btw, reached home @ 0930,
went to bed and woke up at 12pm just to
get ready to go for 'SEWA' filming.
Am i crazy? Workaholic?
U guess.


11 days to Hari Raya.
It's so hard to say good bye to Ramadhan.
To everyone, have a great week ahead.

Take care & be good.


Dlina said...

that is what we called over confident with their ascent. for what u want to embarrass for? it should be the doc not you lol

shaqsha said...

Pinoy? haha. why go ttsh?
super slow sey their a&e.... i dun like. wait for hrs before see the doc...
anyway tc ☺

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