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Sunday, August 8, 2010


Can't wait for Ramadhan.
The month of fasting, intensive prayer,
sacrifice & divine worship.
It brings peace & illumination to the mind
and imparts purity to the soul.

On top of that, its the best way to detoxify.

So i wish all Moslems Happy Ramadhan.

What is 9th of Aug to most of us?
Just another Public Holiday.

Well, S'pore turns 45th tomorrow.
Have nothing much to say about it.


Just wish that Singapore will live up
to what he/she believes in:


Looking for a job is still quite tough
for some people who are not BILINGUAL enough.

more of handling 'mandarin speaking' ads in the paper.
i don't wanna waste time scanning it.
bet most of us knew about it.

You mean our S'porean chinese
can't speak English?

I doubt so.

Besides National Day's campaign,
can you spot other races
in any of
Singapore's project/campaign/commercial, etc?


Now i see more Chinese subtitles in
most Hollywood movies. So where are the
Malay/Indian's subtitle?

Isn't this a Multi Racial Country?
If you say so LAH.

It's getting harder to communicate
with China People who're working in Singapore
& can't speak a simple English.

I can't even order my food peacefully.


Well, right now i feel like a foreigner
in my own country.

I wish i can call this My Home.

I wish.


Dlina Mamamia Lazatoz said...

I totally agree with you about this issue!!

Wana Zainal said...

Woot! Can't agree more!

Anonymous said...

you're sooooo rite...

Anonymous said...

well, cant disagree with you cause whatever you say its true. well said :)

Snapaway said...

Took part in this yr NDP to see how bad it is. As much as i 1 2 be patriotic with the rest of the participants in my contingent.. i juz can't cos most of them r PR(maintaining their own culture).
Sad but freaking true!

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