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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Oh damn.
Pardon me for my late entry.
Busy preparing for the festive and have
no time to update my blog.

So let's make it short & sweet.

A very warm pleasant Hari Raya to all
moslems where ever you are.
Enjoy as much as you can and please watch
your diet people.

Hari Raya = Oily + Junk Food.

Last nite, saw a beautiful CAHAYA SYAWAL.
Crescent moon & Venus.

Ok doki, let's back track.
Painting the house form morning till 10pm
is no joke. For the sake of the festive
season, i have no choice.
Took me 2 days to accomplish it.

Bought couple of plants for my mom, etc.

That's all for now y'all.
Will update again soon with more
HOT topics. I wish....

Read the papers lately and was shocked
to read those CHINA people creating
havoc in our country - right from the football field
and down to those sleazy activities -
Clubs, Getai, etc.

Singapore will have a bad name soon
if we keep on bringing in 'talented foreigners'.

Locals, please go and join ONE MOMENT OF GLORY
and show off your talent now!

But wait..!!!
There's CHINA people participate in it too.


*roll eyes & body together*

Once again,
enjoy your Hari Raya y'all...!!!


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