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Wednesday, October 20, 2010



What a date to remember.
I've planned to do some 'self-record' breaking
by taking as much pix as possible
when the time strike - 2010hrs 20.10.2010.

But was too lazy to do that.
Look at the weather outside - it's atrocious.

"Haze Haze Go Away, Come Again Another Day"

Thought of going for my weekly routine - jogging,
but I rather stay indoor and keep myself
safe and healthy.

Had a slight sinus (runny nose) this afternoon.
Drank tons of Alkaline Water to keep
myself hydrated. Now i'm perfectly fine.

Alkaline Water? Sounds familiar?
Hahaha... Let's check out the vidz below.

Google and learn more about the Alkaline Water.
Beware of MLM - sorry about that.

Look! What happen to my nephew's
tiny plants before and after alkaline water.

testing time

More experiments or testimonials regarding
Alkaline Water, soon.

Btw, stay away from the haze.
Take care y'all.


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