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Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11 - IT'S GOOD FRIDAY

what a number!
so kinky, to me.

btw, i wanna watch 11.11.11
I know its crap but no harm watching.

Went to Yogyakarta for an assignment,
sponsored by Air Asia Singapore.

Awesome 4 days 3 nights trip.
I don't mind fly to Yogyakarta
with AirAsia and stay at
Sheraton Hotel in future.

Beautiful & amazing piece of s***!

Borobudur is magnificent.
The food, i love them. Not all.
The weather, oh damn. Its hotter than SG.
But who cares.
The hotels, depending on where you put up.
If you have xtra cash, try RUMAH SLEMAN.
Its freaking dope!

This is just the bathroom. Its huge and
all bathrooms are well furnished.
Can you imagine how the rooms look like?
OH MY MY...!!!

Well, maybe i'm exaggerating.
You have to google it yourself ppl.
Spoon feeding time is over.
Hahaha..... for now.

Will update you guys about the article
that i'm gonna write about my trip
in MANJA magazine.

Ok doki, lets talk about S.O.A.P
Not soap operas, soap dramas or 'soap tulang'.
Eeer thats lame.

These interesting soaps are from
Malaysia - manufactured in Manila.

Its SGD$20 each. Long lasting and
they have 4 types altogether.
I bought 1 of them - S’Z Clear Magic Soap.

S’Z Clear Magic Soap gently cleanses
skin pores and helps combat blemishes

and breakouts like acne and pimples

without irritating and causing dry skin.

Its whitening, clarifying and micro-peelin

actions leave the face and body fairer,

softer, smoother and clearer.

Been using it for 1wk and so far so good.
Will update you guys later
on my 2nd week of using the soap.

Oh ya, before i end this long entry,
till now, i can't decide whether i
should have a twitter account.

Waste of time?

you tell

ok doki, gotta run.


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Anonymous said...

you should have a twitter account!! it's awesome! instant news and...wayyy better then FB because it's less intrusive. It's a good way to see how witty you can be in just 140 characters. If you do have twitter, follow me at @mumtazy! give it a try then if you dont like it you can always delete it. haha okay that is all. wasalam.

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