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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


This gonna be a short and sweet entry.
I was checking my MULTIPLY and 1 of my
avid readers gave me a fdback.
She said she can't leave any comments here.

Alamak... Well, sorry for that ya.
I'm freaking new to this BLOGSPOT.
and dun knw much abt the configuration.
Well, i think it's settled.
Now u can leave your comments.

Congratulations, OBAMA.

To Cik BAMA:
"PakCik, bila nak datang rumah?
Dah janji if menang undi nak datang rumah kan?
Jangan lupa datang k. Semua tunggu ni."

Another OBAMA.
I miss my kampong.

Oh ya, last nite ard 0215am,
i vomitted after 30mins eating the chilli crab.
I hate vomitting. Its painful.
Its been a long time me ain't vomit.
2yrs? or more? Hmm...

I wish i can take pix of my vomits.
Ewwwww.... cilaka!

1 comment:

Faiz Guy Bustamente said...

hello! u are the actor on suria right? haha..its pretty hard to regconise you with the new scruffy image. :)

anyway have a good week ahead.



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