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Thursday, November 27, 2008


I was in the cab, read a newspaper
and saw an article about
flights to Thailand. It's temporarily stopped
its operations into Bangkok beginning
yesterday following the closure of the
Suvarnabhumi International Airport
after it was taken over
by anti-government protesters.

Quickly called up a friend. And she sounds
so frustated. She suppose to fly off to BKK tonite
with her friends for a long waiting holiday!
Apart from no flight to BKK,
there's NO REFUND too! WDF..!!
She can only change the date, etc etc.

I bet some of you out there are facing
the same 'drama-mama' situation too.
But to all, please try to relax, breathe slowly
and think about it carefully.

It's ok to cancel your holiday trip
to Thailand. Keep all the BAHT currency
'coz u can still use it in the future
YOU prefer to get yourself into trouble
while in the land of thousand smiles.

WHAT IF you'll never return home safely to
your love ones, family, friends, etc etc.

So, dun be stupid. If u have applied your
leaves/off, etc, I bet u can cancel it and get
your ass back to work. If not, well,
make a detour to other country.

C'mon. I'll be angry too if my holiday
turns out ugly. But again, maybe
it's a blessing in disguise.



mE_n_Mi said...

That's really thoughtful of you..
Not that anyone i know is going bangkok or anything.. hahaha.. but still.. it's kinda sweet.. n yes safety comes first. yes ah! power ah suzairhe!

anyway... continue with ur comics alright? mcm enlightening gitu tgk comic2 gitu.. yerlah.. semua org stresskan.. sekali sekala tgk mcm gini.. tergelak members2 yg tgh stress..

go SKM!
lawa muka! :)

Anonymous said...

gambar stop it ehhhh!

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