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Friday, October 23, 2009


Enjoying myself these days.
I'm so lazy to update my blog.
Sorry for that.

Ok let's back track.

ALERT: I have 'friends' from FB
who are inconsiderate for not alerting others
regarding the virus that have been
circulated lately.

To all FB-ianz, please ignore attachment
that comes with URL link in the FB mail box.

Btw, i managed to save my PC.
What a HERO. Phuuiikkk...!!

Last Monday, was a great day where
celebrity friends come together to support
Mediacorp's Project Hope.

I had fun aswering the fone.

At the end of the day, around 12am,
6 of us went for supper and had a great
'unofficial photography' session till 0330am.
WHAT? 0330am?! Yes, its 0330am.

We hang around at Simpang Bedok's carpark
and cam-whoring till my eyes couldn't
take it anymore - it's drying people!

Now i know how hard it is
to be a photographer.

Oh b4 that, thankQ so much to friends
who lend me your Nikon D40X + a flash
for me to play around for the very 1st time!

To bring Nikon FM2 that day is a big 'NO'!
Shall not waste my film.

So let's view what i've captured so far.

So, do i have what it takes to be the
next top photographer?

Eeerrr..... hopeless!

To all,
Have A Great Weekend!



Aiman Ariffin said...

Yes you do! keep it up! :)

Anonymous said...

pictures taken were exceptionally great!!!you SHOULD become a photographer!

SuRia said...

Hey, absolutely YES, YOU DO!!! I like the 'Gerimis Di Hati' casts pic and the last one in the car. Bravo :)

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