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Friday, December 11, 2009

'PU'...... WHAT?

A friend sent me an interesting email

and she makes my day.

Check out the Shanghai Bank advert below.

Maybe there's another meaning
I think i shall google and do some research.

So what do you think of the advert?
In Malay it means.... Eeeerr...
I shall not explain it here.
Those non-malay speaking bloggers, please
consult your Malay friends about it.

Btw, the 'original sender' of this email
have one question in his/her mind -

"If the name of that little pig is called PUKI,

does that mean his mother is called PUKI-MA?"

Gosh it's hilarious.

Now, let's guess what exactly
in the picture below.

Guess it right?
Hahaha... well this is my first time
trying to pluck it one by one
just to experience how freaking painful it is,
just to have a smooth chin that
will last for days.

That's it!
Give back my shaver, please.

Beautiful sunset not to be missed.
So i quickly took my hp and snap it.

Today, i went to meet my hairstylist,
Sam Eunoss, to trim my hair again.
And on my way back, i bought some bread
and god damn it - it's delicious!

The green tea bun with red bean paste filling
cost me $2 each - MUST TRY!

And their chocolate signature bread for
$2.50 each is worth buying too.

I can't remember the name of the
confectionery shop. It's at Square 2 (novena),
level 3, just by the escalator.
There's an open space for you to have
coffee/tea and chill out with friends, etc.

Ok doki.
That's all about it.
Have a great wekend ya.
Take care.


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Anonymous said...

its mama's bread. sumthin like tt. the owner is this old jap lady who is very friendly. she wld give me n my colleagues free bread at times.

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