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Friday, August 1, 2014


Oh damn.
I totally forgot about this blog.
Blame instagram for it. 

Btw, Selamat Hari Raya to all my 
Moslem brothers and sisters wherever you are.

This festive season, i am celebrating
with human 'bestest friend', Bed Bugs!
Sleepless nights, hunting, angst, paranoia,
you name it. Going thru it right now.

Thanks to friends and fans who gave me tips
and who even came forward 
to offer me with free pest control services.


But let me finish up my 5 litres of 
Bed Bugs Concoction!

Day 3 - looking good. 
Not a single bed bug been spotted.
Gonna spray my entire room for a week
and hope i'm free from those horny suckers!

Need to be extra careful while travelling
in future - especially the hotel rooms.
Gonna make sure no hitch-hikers sneak 
quietly into my luggage.

I am all well prepared this time round.

1st August 2014 - I see more smiling faces 
on the road. Everybody are $200-$250 
richer today. Thanks to our 'God Father' 
for the GST money.

But wait, you guys forget that
the entire Spore will 'cry' very soon!!
Be prepared for any raise up in transport fares and 
other stupid stuffs. SIGH.

You get some, WE get some!

Stop pretending that you care about us.



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