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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Straight to the point!
I am now distributing / selling a product
under my friend's name - Z'ELITA.

It took me quite sometimes to believe
in the product & share it with the mass.
Friends or not, i can't endorse it.
As usual, reluctantly, i get it for myself,
and give it to my family and even 
to some strangers.

I want them to consume it and eager
to see their results from eating
Z'Elita E-White Plus collagen.

Right after 2 bottles, they came back
to me and keep on ordering… UNTIL NOW!

Personally, the aching sensation on my
right knee has subside and it's
'painless' until now. My horrible face/skin
is getting better and some even
asked me what did i do to my face.
It's glowing, firm & even skin tone.
And slightly fair too.

An elderly woman told me that
her friends thought she had went
to get some botox injections.
That's flattering enough.

Others who have tried it, swear upon
the product, & now they have
become Z'Elita's main stockist. 

From diabetes to heart patients,
and right down to breast feeding moms,
everybody can have it. Z'Elita E-White Plus is
CHEMICAL FREE, HALAL & registered under
Health Sciences Authority (HSA) & BPOM.
So fret no more.

So if you have joint problems,
I would suggest you to try this product.
Or at least buy it for parents.
Or give it (as a gift) to friends who you
think need it badly for their total health.

So spread Z'Elita E-White Plus to others,
because good quality stuffs are meant 
to be shared among us.

To order, visit our website HERE 
and contact our friendly stockists
near your area / country.

If you're in Singapore, you can Whatsapp me
at +65 8447 1103.

Hope to hear from you soon.

**Not recommended for dialysis patients 
and kids under 10 years old.

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